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Bosk means wood in the Frisian language.The Frisian people were a minor Germanic people known in the Roman era by its developed craftsmanship.

The brand founder « Ghazi Ben Miled » has choosen this name in order to deploy a new image of modern crafts with the special touch of Bosk  which will promote the image of Tunisia on an international level.

Launched in 2018, Bosk’s vision is to present this noble material with a new image through creating trendy and refined designs with a seemingly rigid material.

Born and raised in Known town ‘Radés’ in Tunisia, Ghazi Ben Miled  was an airline pilot student but since his young age he has been deeply passionate about  art and design that’s why he chose to make his pasion, his talent and his sense of a creation the real fuel of his dream career.


The start was marked with a simple experiment with nature, resulting in total new concept of men’s wallet at that time .the main purpose was creating a simple product that encompass the individuality and uniqueness that can only be found in natural surroundings.


We craft products that we believe in their potential and specialness. Alongside our products, we make sure to keep constantly evolving.  For us, there is no limits, Boundaries are a myth and failures are the pillars of success.  Experiments, Passion and Believe transform our work into a piece of art and labor of love.


Each simple piece of bosk accessory passing through our workshop has been manipulated by over twenty sets of hands, leading to their truly unique nature, high quality and exceptional elegant look. We aim that every Bosk’s product gives its wearer a sense of individuality that matches their own